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Skincare products


If the best success stories start with a challenge, Averr Aglow is no different. Armed with a great product, but crippled by a lack of marketing expertise, Averr Aglow needed a team to help bring it to market.


– 6x Revenue in 6 months (needed to change manufacturing facilities to cope with growth)

Facts & Figures

4x ROI

Full in-house

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

“We have an amazing product and needed professionals to help us market it. We had tried other agencies only to be disappointed and lost money. Where Sugatan really excelled is they clearly told us what they needed from us and then provided the needed creatives, media buying strategies, CRO and email marketing and we grew our business 6x in 6months! We even had to change our manufacturing facilities to cope with the growth.”


AverrAglow Co-Founder

Sportswear fashion


After hitting a ceiling & flatlining their growth, Juri reached out looking to take his business, Stronger, to unprecedented revenue. 


– 4x increase in yearly revenue
– 7 figure monthly revenue
– Awarded the fastest growing business in Sweden after 1 year of collaboration together.

Facts & Figures

4x ROI

Full in-house

Facebook Ads

“Since working with the Sugatan team, we’ve increased our yearly revenue by 4x and we’re constantly hitting 7-figures in monthly revenue.”


Co-Founder & CMO of stronger.se

What we do.

We stabilize top-line revenue growth by focusing on the most scalable channels first

Facebook/IG Ads Management

Developing unique, proven media buying strategies helps us profitably scale business. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and benchmark our success in Return-On-Ad-Spend.

In-House Creative Production

What’s our secret sauce? The harmony between data and creativity. It’s true, video ads have allowed our agency to continuously scale business’ to 6-7 figures in monthly revenue. Using data to guide the creativity behind these winning ads is our “not-so” secret sauce. This helps us hit 2-4x ROAS on ice cold audiences, baby!

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

When it comes to eCommerce, website traffic is only half the battle… the other half is getting that traffic to convert.
Applying a combination of best practices, website insights/analytics, and A/B tests, we’re always aiming to get the most out of every visitor. Our in-house eCommerce developers help us optimize websites, helping us create a frictionless shopping experience for every one of your customers.

Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing can contribute up to 40% of total revenue for eCommerce business? That’s why we have an entire department dedicated to it.
Setting up all necessary automations, sequences, and workflows is the first step in maximizing our clients ROI. Step two? Reach out to learn more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While we thrive on paid advertising, long-term SEO planning helps our client build a backbone necessary for organic growth.

Influencer Marketing

Does it actually work? Heck yes…. but it needs to be done right.
Step one is approaching influencer marketing with a high-level strategy.
Step two is to ensure influencers align with the brands position, message, and audience.
If executed right, influencer marketing can considerably move the needle for eCommerce business’.

*are all necessary to increasing the success of influencer marketing campaigns.

After 6 months, we add channels that’ll diversify revenue + widen ROI.

Google PPC Suite

YouTube Advertising is another scalable top-line revenue growth that requires its own focus & strategic approach along with a cohesive plan with PPC bidding. We further leverage the power of our creative team to create a comprehensive YouTube advertising & PPC approach that’ll drive profitable revenue & brand awareness.