3 Lessons Learned From the Black Week


There’s a lot to be learned from Black Week, especially heading into the Christmas period. We’ve collected over 2 million in revenue from across all of our clients and have collected our knowledge into this helpful list of the top lessons to be learned from flash sales.

Spend around 80% of your ad spend on the warm audience.

We were hitting 10-20x ROAS from our warm audience and only breaking even on the cold audience. It’s obviously good to attract new customers to the business BUT during the flash sale period, it’s really tough, mainly because there are so many advertisers competing for with their offers.

Hype your customers

With the brands that were doing VIP entries to the special discounts, we’ve seen a massive increase in a sale. We were hyping the audience up, hitting them with messages via email, messenger bot and Facebook itself. As a result, we had many more “warm” people in our businesses.

Increase the ad spend BEFORE the actual sale. 

As we were preparing for the black week, we knew how prices were going to go up. Hence, we started spending higher budgets to get new people into our sales funnel and warm audience. We were trying to at least breakeven on the cold audiences, so we could have a much broader targeting audience during the black week.

These are the thing we’ve learned and will be applying to our Christmas time sales. What are yours?

When it comes to sales during this crucial time, it is fundamental that you are taking your time to develop a thoughtful strategy that will guarantee a maximized potential of sales. Black Week and Christmas is a great time to reach a high amount of sales, so it is important that you do everything you can to take advantage of this time in the market. 




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