Ads To Stop the Scroll On Facebook


Stop the Thumb

As an advertiser, your first goal should be to stop people from scrolling. Unless people actually stop to get a look at your post, there would be no chance of having people perform engagement actions such as likes, comments, shares, landing page views, add to cart and so on.

Think about it. People are scrolling through their Facebook while they’re walking down the street or doing any other number of activities. Scientists say a human being has an attention span worse than a goldfish! So how do we as advertisers capture people’s’ attention? 

From our experience, here are 7 ways how to get people to stop scrolling past your posts!

1. High Contrast. 

You can increase the contrast of any picture by 20-30% to immediately attract more eyes to your ads.

2. Using a range of colors.

A wide variety of colors will stand-out on any feed.

3. Grayscale Technique. 

Just like wide use of color can make an image stand-out, utilizing black and white in your advertising can yield a similar effect.

4. Use of Space

Having the necessary space around your products make eyes stop on your posts naturally.

5. Happy People

Smiling faces are a great way to get more people excited about your products. We’re naturally inclined to pay more attention to happy people, so use this fact to your advantage in your advertising.

6. Thumbnail

Videos used in Facebook Advertising works, but the most important part of your video is the thumbnail.. The thumbnail draws people to your video and can make them stop to actually watch it.

7. Symmetry

 Our eyes are used to seeing objects in a vertical and horizontal perspective. Playing with the angles of imagery and aspects of your advertising can draw more attention to your content.

Facebook and Instagram are very visual platforms! By following these helpful tips, you can make your ads successful. These helpful tips are the best way to help make sure that people stop scrolling and start engaging. As you design your campaigns, do everything you can to ensure they stand out. Don’t let them get lost in the endless sea of Facebook.

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