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eCommerce Director

Looking for a new challenge to work in a fast-paced environment? Stretch your marketing brain, create your own department & have the freedom to assemble your own team, and implement your solutions? One of the fastest-growing eCommerce agencies is looking for an outstanding Director of eCommerce to work with one of our biggest beauty clients!

We are looking for a Director of eCommerce to join our team & lead it. This position reports directly to KPIs – we don’t do micromanaging; rather we have teams and processes to ensure each one of us is hitting target KPIs that depend on the business needs. You’ll be working closely with the Director of Acquisition, creating strategies to acquire and retain our customers. Your job will be to increase the conversion rate of the website, increasing the life-time value of our customers, increasing AOV, and introducing a subscription model to the business.

A great candidate will be awesome at understanding customer needs, visual storytelling on the website, and will have experience managing UX/UI designers, developers, email marketing specialists, & CRO agencies. You will have in-depth knowledge of branding, data, customer experience & have technical knowledge in an ecom space.

What You Will do

  • Oversee website and monitor performance analytics, traffic, and product performance;
  • Orchestrate and maintain a superior shopping experience on the website;
  • Manage the overall user experience including site navigation, content development, checkout funnel, and promotional campaigns;
  • Plan and execute strategies for optimizing conversion rates (we currently have an agency to help us out with that, so you’d be responsible for managing the agency);
  • Continually evaluate the customer persona and present any updates and changes;
  • Effectively communicate needs with other departments to develop site content;
  • Plans and execute an effective eCommerce strategy;
  • Identify new areas of eCommerce opportunity beyond the current brand offering;
  • Oversee the work of developers, UX/UI designers, CRO agencies, and make sure we’re 80-90% on brand;
  • Your main KPIs will be: retention rate, LTV, increasing conversion rate on the site, increasing brand equity & potentially creating a subscription model.

What We Expect

  • Someone who has 5+ years of experience working with an eCommerce brand, within a CRO agency, growth hacking agency, or similar;
  • Someone who has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Psychology,  Business Administration, or related;
  • Someone who is well acquainted with the customer journey. You can get inside their head and foresee any problems that might arise in their shopping experience. You know what to do to elevate their experience and turn them into repeat customers;
  • Someone who sees themselves as a story curator. You can envision the story that the brand’s customers want and develop a way to showcase that across site content in an engaging way;
  • Someone who reads and analyzes website data as easily as their social media feed. You can see what campaigns are working, what isn’t and you have suggestions for growth;
  • Someone who has the ability to lead a unified team to rival that of a synchronized swimming coach. You know how to delegate and make sure deadlines are met and goals are realized;
  • Someone that has that cool confident vibe since they know they can handle whatever is thrown their way;
  • Someone who can make incremental improvements to achieve our goals and implement them FAST;
  • Someone who prefers a fast-paced, ever-changing working environment. You work best in stressful situations and thrive under high pressure;
  • Someone who appreciates a good challenge, and in fact, welcomes it. This position will require mental toughness. We’re looking for someone who remains level-headed no matter the problem that arises. We want problem solvers, not complainers;
  • Someone who understands SEO. We do work with agencies to help us with that and we’d love you to help us coordinate our SEO activities with our incredible in-house content marketing team;
  • (Preferable) Someone who has experience in the beauty industry.

What We Offer

  • A playground where you’ll be able to grow your team and department. We are true believers of the decentralized decision-making process and we don’t micromanage. We give KPIs and let you achieve them in any way you want to achieve them;
  • Access to our network of other businesses, entrepreneurs & marketers to improve your skills, and improve your network;
  • Pay to be discussed at time of interview, depending on experience. We do have a bonus system in place, so if you perform outstandingly well – we’ll make sure to reward you generously for that;
  • Fully remote & fully flexible working schedule. Work in Colombia, work in Bali, work in Italy – wherever your self-being feels the happiest.

Closing Date

31st August 2020