Consultations from Sugatan’s World-Class Performance Advertising Engineers

We believe in empowering eCommerce businesses with an EBIT-positive fast track to revenue growth by providing the tools to navigate critical decisions with more confidence.
Kris Sugatan, CEO/Founder
Matas Kemzūra, Chief Growth Officer
Maryna Taiberman, Chief Operations Officer
Our consultations are particularly beneficial to those who have immediate challenges but are not yet ready to become a scaling partner.

We help entrepreneurs and growth marketers navigate critical decisions with more confidence by extracting $150MM+ worth of knowledge and experience in scaling multiple beauty, lifestyle, and fashion eCommerce brands.

Our consultations are offered by Sugatan’s most experienced strategists, including our CEO, Chief Growth Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Creative Leaders.

They can guide your team on the following:

  • Media buying audit and custom solutions
  • Creative strategy and storyboards
  • Back-end business design geared for EBIT-positive cash flow
  • Operational design, Agile processes and systems
  • Any other advisory services you require
Matas Kemzūra, Chief Growth Officer
Maryna Taiberman, Chief Operations Officer

Media Buying

Matas Kemzura is Sugatan’s Chief Growth Officer. He has single-handedly spent $60k per day ($2MM in monthly ad spend) as an ad buyer and oversees our team of ad buyers, working hand-in-hand with them to innovate and refine our ad-buying methodologies.

Their collective efforts empower eCommerce growth-stage startups to reach unprecedented growth from $50K to $1MM monthly revenue in less than 12 months. 

Matas can guide your ad-buying team in developing custom ad-buying strategies to optimize, scale, and dynamically adjust your Top-Of-Funnel Acquisition campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

He will show your team how to build a multi-layered campaign to bring you high-quality traffic that converts and boosts your bottom line, all while maintaining target EBITDAs.

Creative Strategy

Sugatan is renowned for our ability to produce viral social media ads that play an essential role in scaling eCommerce brands.

We combine competitor research, social media expertise, consumer psychology, and $65MM+ of ad spend learnings to produce viral ad concepts that generate units of $1MM+ viral ads.

Our world-class Creative Performance Engineers can guide your team on Facebook, Instagram and/or TikTok ad strategies which include storyboarding, messaging, creative production processes, and team management.

Business Design

Sugatan’s CEO/Founder, Kris Sugatan, and our Chief Growth Officer, Matas Kemzūra, assist eCommerce Founders and entrepreneurs in optimizing their back-end business design to assess and reinforce its profitable scalability.

Kris is at the helm of Sugatan’s scaling machine, driven by her passion to empower product entrepreneurs inside the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion categories to bootstrap their growing eCommerce brands.

We scale with a Total ROAS KPI at Sugatan. Our ROI-positive scaling framework is built to protect EBIT margins while scaling simultaneously.

Kris and Matas can consult you on back-end business design by helping you structure your business levers, COGS, SG&A, EBIT/EBITDA, and marketing spend to get ready for profitable scale in the near future.

Operational Design & Agile Processes

Sugatan operates on a 100% internationally remote work system, with team members situated across the globe. We follow an operational framework that fosters communication and effective collaboration which ultimately results in high-quality output.

Sugatan’s COO, Maryna Taiberman, started in the Graphics Team at Sugatan and soon built up a powerful team of graphic designers and creative strategists that propelled graphics into viral ad machines.

Since then, Maryna has built multiple teams inside Sugatan and went on to lead Agile implementation for the Performance team. She is a master delegator, people manager, and systems designer.  

Agile ensures a predictable, fast-paced environment for creative testing, optimization, and account scaling. It also builds high-quality teams that collaborate and remain tightly connected in a remote environment, enabling the team to perfect sales and client onboarding systems while using Scrum for client satisfaction management.

Maryna’s team-building methods and Agile philosophy have resulted in Sugatan building a world-class team of A-players and experts in their fields who all work together in an autonomous yet collaborative environment.

We can help your business implement Agile effectively and identify what stands between you and having a high-performance team by developing bespoke solutions that suit your people and business.

Combined Consultations

If you’re looking for a mix of the above, we can give you a holistic solution.

Complete the application form to tell us more about your business and we’ll develop a consultation offer to address your unique needs.

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