How to Create Creatives That Convert at 2x ROAS At TOF for Ecom Brands


CBO, optimization, placements, audiences…

These are the posts I’m seeing all the time in many groups. Yet, there is only 1 thing that can make your store scale to 6-7 figures in monthly and that answer is – your creative. At our agency, 80% of our time goes to creating converting creatives & 3mm in monthly sales for our clients says we’ve found a formula.

I’m going reveal 4 of the most important steps you can take to create successful “BuzzFeed” style video ensuring and hit the jackpot for your e-commerce store:

1. Do your damn RESEARCH. 

This part is crucial. If you skip it, you’ll reduce your chances to create powerful creatives. Spend 50% of your time on this step, and you’ll understand your customer in and out. Although it’s a never-ending process, you can start by:

1.1 Doing copy mining (going through Amazon reviews of your competitors, your own reviews, ads, etc.).

1.2. Integrate typeform survey and try to understand what are their pain points, desires & try to extract as much emotional language so you could use it for your copy/creatives. 

1.3. Go through the ads of your competitors. Make screenshots and collect them in one place. You’ll have more ideas and will be able to improve on them.

1.4. Go to google and find magazines in your niche. I haven’t seen anyone doing this step, yet this will give you even more CREATIVE ideas for our ads. Printing a magazine costs a lot, so they have to test the sh*t out of it to make sure it’s gonna sell. That’s where I get my most creative ideas of the angles/headlines to use.

2. Stop the scroll. 

This is your first and the most important job for you as an ad creator. If you don’t stop the scroll – forget about the rest. For that, we test many thumbnails, different effects in the first few seconds, frames on the video, etc. 

What’s been working for us until now:

1. High contrasts on the thumbnail.

2. People looking directly at the camera. This one was our recent discovery. We have an ad that’s running for 4months and is driving 50% of sales to a store that’s making 1mm in sales per month.

3.  Lots of social proof (comments and likes). People tend to stop ads that have lots of comments and likes. So make sure your ad has it + make sure to ask your customer service to answer to every comment on the creative encouraging to continue the conversation on it!

3. Tell the story.

The “BuzzFeed” video tells some kind of story. The examples can be found here:



However, these are only telling the story. We use this kind of format to tell a story about the brand, the owners, product and integrate them with the research we’ve done on them. Pain points, desires, overcoming fears, including social proof and all the other psychological triggers to encourage them to take the desired action. There are many formulas to use for it, however, we use AIDA (attention, interest, desire & action) the most. 

4. No bragging about yourself. 

The reason these kinds of ads work – is because they’re told from a 3rd person perspective. We don’t say “we are the best in the industry”, rather, “this woman was experiencing x problem”. Who would you listen to for advice? Someone saying how great their product is or some independent person telling the story the journey they undertook? That’s one of many reasons why it works. 


These ads are responsible for 3mm in sales for our e-commerce clients every month & by spending 700k monthly & experimenting daily, we haven’t any other type of ad working at the level “BuzzFeed” video works. 


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