How to NOT Get Lost in Your Facebook Ads Manager Spending 10k Daily


Up until recently, our agency hadn’t realized the importance of naming conventions. As different individuals looked at different accounts, there was a lot of confusion for everyone. Managing huge ad spends means you have thousands of tests going on. This can become difficult to manage and sort through. Our team has come up with some basic naming conventions to help us manage our ads manager.

Here they are:

Campaign Level (At the campaign level, it allows us to see what part of the funnel is or is not performing well.) – TOF, TOF Manual Bidding, TOF creative testing, MOF up, MOF down, BOF, DPA.

Ad Set Level (At the ad set level, it allows us to see exactly what is going on with the ad set, without going into each one individually.) Date (when the campaign was started), Mobile or Desktop, Placements, Optimization, Targeting, Audience Size, Age + Gender

Ad Level (At the ad level we see what creative is tested, what other variables are there.) What is the creative? What is being tested?

Also, if you have your dashboards done well, you’ll see the averages at all parts of the funnel. While managing your ads in this way can be overwhelming at first, you will eventually have a seamless ads manager that is easy to navigate. Take the time to organize your ads manager!

By making your ads manager seamless to navigate, it will be easier for you to scale and grow.
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