How to Scale Your Winning Campaigns


We’ve been struggling ourselves with discovering how to best scale winning campaigns and after many consultations with the top Facebook Ads gurus in the industry, we found a framework that works for us and our clients.

What is our winning process?

Before we actually start scaling, we run our ad sets for 3 days so we get consistent results. Facebook tends to show better results in the first days of running ads, like having a “beginner’s luck” in a casino. Don’t let this trickery fool you! Once we saw through this, we were able to successfully scale our ad sets. 

For that we follow this process:

1. Increasing the budget of the main campaign by 20%(some say it can be increased by as much as 50%, I wouldn’t go so far). It will have learnings on it, so it will probably be the most consistent campaign.

2. Duplicating the ad set and getting the budget 100% higher than the original one.

3. Going for higher budgets with manual bidding. We test multiple ad sets with 1X, 2X, 3X,4X of our target CPA.

4. Create an ad set with 5-10x of our original budget.

5. Because Facebook auction fluctuates daily we need to find out what kind of manual bidding works best for our ad sets.

6. Scaling a winning campaign successfully involves a lot of trial and error! With the right mindset and the right team, it is possible. 

Taking the time to come up with a detailed strategy that can maximize your scaling potential is fundamental when it comes to successfully set up these campaigns. Make an effort to develop a thoughtful strategy that is rooted in specific goals. This will make your efforts focused, efficient, and more likely to be successful. 



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