Case study

Humps Optics Case Study

Brand Story

Humps came to us at the very early stages of their growth. They were making only $400 per month. They gave us their last $8k which we spent on the ads and managed to create good enough creatives that started to convert at 5x ROAS. Their products are built to last, priced to travel and every stylish.


They only wanted to have their business saved and start getting at least 3x ROAS with high spend.

Increase in revenue




Be our client

Right now we are spending $2-3k daily ads spend with 3.2 ROAS. We are still growing this account. The next goal is to reach 5k daily ads spend with 3 ROAS.


Finding the right creatives: testing different angles and video shots to understand what sells for this business. Finding target audiences that bring us over 3x ROAS and are scalable. Testing different scaling strategies and finding the ones that work for this account. Helping business to prepare for the scalability.

Mainly website development tasks, optimize a website so the team could save some time, for example: creating an automatic product refund/exchange process and etc. Increasing page CR.


First of all, to stabilize account and prepare for the scaling phase we needed some campaigns that would have space to grow slow & have stable ROAS so we could keep earning money for a business while testing different fast scaling strategies. For that, we used 40-40-20 principle. The first 40% is small audiences, which provide us stability over the ROAS(up to 5mm audiences), another 40% are middle-sized audiences(up to 20mm), which provide us stability + scale. And the rest of 20% are broad audiences to give us room to scale. On the side, we used cost-cap (manual bidding) functionality which also helps us a lot on growing the account. We created a separate campaign(Non-CBO) just for these ad sets and used best performing audiences + best-performing ads. We had about 10-20 ad sets with $200-300 daily budget. We put cost cap of our target CPA, so if the ad set found any conversions with that CPA, the ad set started spending money, if not, the adset didn't spend any money. Some of the days, it helped us to double our daily ad spend on account.

As the base to maintain target ROAS we had to update the account with new audiences & creatives. So we were testing 1-4 new ads & 5-10 new audiences every single week. The ads that were performing great, were moved down to our TOF campaigns, then to middle of the funnel and finally to bottom of the funnel campaigns. The audiences which were performing above 2x ROAS were moved straight to cost-cap campaign. In the end, we moved them to the 40-40-20 campaign, although we did it cautiously (as we didn’t want to break it)