Must Have Shopify Apps for an Ecommerce Store


Facebook ad campaigns are getting more and more expensive, so maximizing the ROI (return on investment) of your website is crucial! To make your Facebook experience as financially effective as possible, we’ve gathered a list of the most-have Shopify apps for your e-commerce store. Our list is separated for beginners and for experienced Shopify users so that you can find the perfect app for the unique needs of your store.

Beginner Shopify Apps 

These apps are relatively inexpensive and are definite must-haves when starting your Shopify store.

Octane AI 

The right Facebook Messenger bot can help encourage customers to return to your Shopify store. Octane Al is an easy Facebook Messenger Bot solution that integrates seamlessly with your shop.

Yotpo Reviews 

Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they see social proof. Yotpo helps easily add reviews to your product pages. 


ReferralCandy offers an integrated referral program on the thank-you page of your Shopify store


Upsale, upsale, upsale. Justuno offers crucial popups and exit offers.


Use Pushowl to add push notifications to your store. 


Flexify makes for an easy Facebook product catalog integration.

Countdown Cart 

Social proof is an essential part of your store. Countdown Cart can help add to your store’s reputation.

Free Shipping Bar by Hextom 

Free shipping is a great marketing tactic. Use Free Shipping Bar by Hextom to make this offer appear at the top of your page. 

Sales Pop 

Sales notifications appear on your Shopify store with the Sales Pop app. 

Rivyo Product Review 

If you are just starting your shop, fake product reviews by Rivyo Product Review can boost the reputation of your Shopify store. 


Omnisend is a great affordable alternative to the email marketing tool, Klaviyo. This is essential for any shopify store. 

Advanced Shopify Apps

While these apps may be more expensive than other options, they are essential additions to your app list if you are an advanced Shopify user.


For upsell and cross-sells, Nosto is a super powerful solution. In fact, it is used by the popular fashion empire www.fashionnova.com


Create your own landing pages on your Shopify store with great templates by Zipify.


Klaviyo is an easy-to-use email marketing tool that can help bring customers to your shop and encourage returning customers. 


Any medium to large size store can benefit from the referral marketing tool, Talkable. 

There are many unique Shopify apps to choose from. However, taking the right time to find the best Shopify apps for the needs of your specific store is the best way to make your store successful. Shopify has many tools to help you succeed, you just need to know where to find them. Which of these apps has been the most effective in your own Shopify store? If you have any other apps to suggest, post them in the comments so that we can add them to our comprehensive list. 




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