#30 Arnas Jacevičius – How to Generate $12M In Monthly Revenue Using Facebook Ads, Mindset Change & Mental Health

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Last time Deividas and Arnas spoke (around 2 months ago), they were discussing how to spend $80K profitably on Facebook Ads.

Now, just a month ago, they generated around $12M on the 3 accounts they’re working on and are ready to catch up and talk about media buying.

In this podcast, the senior eComm strategist and media buyer discuss ad structures, scaling quickly, doubling businesses, how their mindset changed, and more.

They start by talking about how to scale quickly and the importance of snatching the winning ad immediately. They both agree that sometimes, you have to jump ahead of the learning phase if you want to scale quickly.

This is largely a process they learned and perfected over time. 

Arnas explains how he manages his creative-testing and prioritizes his ads. For example – whenever he has to test a new set of videos and find the one creative that works, he’ll first look for new angles, and optimize the one that works. He’ll test the best-performing copy, the thumbnails, and so on.

When he does find something that works, he creates different variations of that.

And if it doesn’t work, he goes back to square one: optimizing it and looking for new angles again.

For this, he uses Asana to efficiently manage all the tests, and properly keep track of all the data.

You never know what’s going to be the next winning combo. Be it a TikTok video, a gif, or a landscape video.

So, you just have to test as many different things as possible. Any creative idea you get, you have to test it to see if it works.

By now, Arnas says he already has a sense of what can work well, when, and what might not. For one client, it was testimonial videos, and for another – “Buzzfeed” style video ads. At this point, it comes down to experience for him and just knowing the industry.

He explains the biggest needle mover in the business for him – usually, the bigger the variety of ads you have in one asset, the better the performance.

Which is exactly why they need the variety of creatives to be ready.

Deividas explains how quickly ad fatigue can sneak up on you. You could be spending 200K on ads, thinking you’ve found a winning ad which will last you for a month or two, only for it to be not working again next week.

Moving forward, they discuss the next big thing within Facebook.

Arnas thinks it might be Facebook Shops. Deividas compares it to WeChat, as a platform where people can socialize, chat, as well as make purchases.

Deividas explains that sometimes, it feels like they’re testing 100 things, only to find 1 winning ad combo. 

There’s a lot of room for mistakes, and you never know what’s going to happen.

For Arnas, testing a ClickFunnels landing page comes to mind. Which, in theory, looked great, but didn’t actually perform well. 

They also experimented with quiz-style ads. Arnas says they have potential, but he needs to analyze and optimize them more. 

Arnas explains that at a point, he was doing nothing but testing different creatives. So, eventually, he had to find someone else to help with the media buying part.

After talking about lessons learned from testing different ad creative types, Deividas asks Arnas what’s his approach to teaching someone else Facebook Ads.

It was difficult at first, but sometimes, you just have to trust the process and let go of control, explains Arnas. Sometimes, they’ll make mistakes, there’s nothing you can do about it, and that’s fine. As long as they learn from it.

The next topic they discuss is finding a work-life balance.

Arnas explains his biggest problem – that he used to work even when he was physically away from work. His solution? Simple things like taking a walk and meditating help a lot.

In terms of growth, he explains that the book ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ had the biggest impact on him.

To put things into perspective, Arnas tells the story of how someone much younger than him recently reached out to him with a specific question on media buying. Arnas explains that by helping him, he remembered his own background, and how money doesn’t (and shouldn’t) define you.

Deividas agrees with him about giving back to the community and helping others.

Finally, they touch on the importance of mental health, and that they will continue the discussion on that for another time.

Here’s what we cover during episode 30:

  • Catching up
  • Approach learned from daytraders
  • Average agencies vs high-performance ones
  • Learning phase vs scaling quickly
  • Always be testing (and how!)
  • How Arnas manages all of his sets of creatives
  • How does Arnas prioritize things?
  • Biggest needle movers in the business
  • Ad variates, performance, and finding the killer ad
  • What changed since the last podcast
  • What is Arnas excited about for the future? What is going to be the next big thing?
  • What do Facebook Shops and WeChat have in common?
  • What didn’t work when they were testing different Facebook Ads in the last few months?
  • ClickFunnels? Facebook quizzes? Memorial Day?
  • Years of experience, lessons learned
  • How does Arnas approach teaching someone else Facebook Ads?
  • Trust and making mistakes
  • How does Arnas find work-life balance?
  • Importance of taking a break
  • Single best movie or book that changed Arnas’ mindset?
  • What is Arnas reading now?
  • The truth about growth mindset
  • Winning trust and kicking ass
  • When you’re spending $120K+ a day 
  • Putting things into perspective
  • Giving back and helping others
  • Importance of mental health

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