#51 Deividas – 2020 Insights, Recaps, and Lessons on Growth

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This is another solo podcast by Deivdias – focusing on what’s been going on within his life, upcoming podcast guests, and other future insights based on lessons on growth.

With Black Friday done and the end of December 2020 approaching, Deividas says he’s planning to go to a “hippy” community to rethink his 2021 goals and plan ahead of his time.

He says he needs more time for himself to relax and unwind.

It’s been a busy month.

Here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on.

First, he says he’s working on Black Friday Series (Black Friday lessons and insights from experience) because they’ve made some mistakes that ended up costing up to $2M – due to lack of offer planning and few other last-minute changes.

Expect 5-7 podcast episodes of all the entrepreneurs and marketers Deividas knows who have generated $5M-$10M in November alone.

Check out our eCommerce Black Friday guide for some proven BFCM strategies. and marketing tactics.

Deividas explains that once you break past the $25M mark, you need to start learning a new skill or two. In his case, it’s management.

For 3-4 months now, he’s been working on systems and processes, and he’s nowhere near done, explains Deividas. So, he’s considering replacing himself in management.

The biggest mistake marketers and business owners make, according to Deividas, has to do with the transition in their business lives. 

There is an opportunity cost for everything they want to do.

For example, if they want to do a particular product launch that they think will be beneficial for their customers, they will often focus on that opportunity and forget the cost behind it.

By working on something else, you cannot focus on something else.

For 4-6 months, you’ll be redesigning your collection page, product pages, your navigation structure, and more.

What if that launch is not successful?

You’ll have paid salaries for 6 months for someone to be creating and launching the product which ended up not being successful.

When you’re growing quickly, you need to know where to allocate resources efficiently. 

What if it’s not the right decision? You have to think about the opportunity cost.

Deividas goes on to explain the importance of decision-making.

If executed right, Black Friday could have provided one of his clients $5M-$6M instead of $3M.

At the end of the day, you have to test a bit more and risk a bit more every day.

Every day you’re fighting against yourself to be a better version of yourself, explains Deividas. 

It’s an emotional rollercoaster sometimes, but you have to remember to enjoy the journey.

How much you grow is how much of yourself you’ve destroyed. 

     Here’s what we cover during episode #51:

  • Why Deividas is planning to go to a hippy paradise on a holiday at a beach dancing around a fire and going out of his mind to relax
  • Black Friday series – Deividas recaps mistakes they’ve made that ended up costing them up to $2M
  • What to expect in a 5-7 podcast series where Deividas will bring on entrepreneurs and marketers who have generated $5M-$10M in November alone with a very unique approach
  • Why Deividas thinks you need to start learning completely new skills after breaking past $25M (in his case, management)
  • Strongest psychedelic Deividas has taken that is still influencing his dreams and giving him answers months later 
  • Why Kris is visiting Paris Hilton in LA 
  • Experiencing transitioning in business life, the biggest mistake marketers make has to do with the reason of opportunity cost
  • Why opportunity cost matters so much in business (whether businesses are at $25M stage or somewhere else) and how to allocate resources efficiently
  • How can you make that 1 decision that will get you to the next stage – $50M/mo 
  • Update on Deividas’ newsletter documenting his journey for entrepreneurs going from generating $2.5M-$3M all the way to $5M monthly revenue mark
  • Why life is like an emotional rollercoaster in which you have to remind yourself to enjoy the journey
  • The power of growth and destroying your pre-conceived notions and how much pain you’re willing to experience to grow 
  • Christmas Holiday’s signoff and why Deividas is wishing you to destroy yourself to become stronger 

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