#62 Maryna Taiberman – How Sugatan’s Graphic Design Team Has Generated $6 Million in Trackable Revenue in Less Than One Year

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In this episode, Kris Sugatan chats with Maryna Taiberman, Graphics Director at Sugatan, on how her team has generated $6 million in trackable revenue from August 2020 to October 2021.

Sugatan specializes in growing direct-to-consumer brands and this episode is all about the realization Kris and Maryna had about the value graphic ads create when it comes to testing various angles quickly and efficiently.

Here’s what we cover during episode #62:

  • 2:35 – Defining the various kinds of graphic ads for direct-to-consumer brands
  • 4:58 – The value of cross-training between video editing and graphic designing
  • 7:12 – The biggest struggle video editors face when it comes to using graphic elements in their video ads
  • 8:45 – Maryna’s take on whether a direct-to-consumer founder can assume that their video editor can also produce quality graphic ads
  • 10:58 – What Maryna has learned about creating graphic ads for top of funnel purchases over the last year and a half
  • 12:15 – Discovering the importance of designing for what the customer wants to see as opposed to what the design would want to see
  • 12:25 – The importance of marketing message and other graphic principles in stopping the scroll 
  • 15:25 – Kris explains the beginning stages of Facebook Advertising and why viral video creatives used to be “the thing”
  • 16:05 – Viral graphic creatives started with carousel ads
  • 17:15 – The moment Kris realized that graphic ads had the potential to go viral
  • 19:25 – Maryna explains the aspects of the first viral graphic ad from Sugatan
  • 19:42 – Why graphic ads should be as self-explanatory as possible
  • 21:20 – Customers are driven by information more than they are driven by story
  • 23:05 – How COVID made graphic ads more important than ever before for direct-to-consumer brands
  • 25:12 – Immerse the viewer into the experience by activating as many senses as possible
  • 27:25 – The value of reducing the friction of the viewer understanding what the product is
  • 29:00 – The graphic ad that got a new direct-to-consumer brand their first sale
  • 33:09 – The importance of a highly collaborative workflow with the copywriting team and the graphic design team
  • 35:10 – Kris challenge to the team to generate sales immediately with new brands
  • 36:16 – How to commit to an angle with the highest chance of it working from the very beginning
  • 37:30 – Using ad copy to further test angles to see what resonates most with the viewer and further optimize the ads
  • 39:35 – The best approach is to use graphic ads to test multiple angles at a much quicker pace than video ads
  • 40:36 – The benefit of graphics is that you can have volume and different messaging archs that you can test quickly and easily
  • 45:20 – The value a data driven graphic design team can add to your bottom line
  • 47:00 – The value of brand photography for consistency across your entire digital footprint
  • 48:37 – If you struggle with branding, start with consistency. Your product and packaging are your biggest branding asset, even more so than your logo.
  • 49:30 – You can turn 100 photos into 1,000 graphic assets with a well-planned branding photoshoot
  • 52:00 – How to maximize your photoshoot for the best creative assets for your ads
  • 54:10 – The best ads are the ones that feel the most native to your social feed
  • 56:20 – Everyone should be a player and a coach in their work discipline
  • 57:30 – The value of intense curiosity and the impact it creates for your brand


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