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#3 Allan Shullman – How To Come Up With Creative Ideas, Owning and Automating eCommerce Business & Favorite Brands

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In this, third episode, of the Sugatan Effect Podcast Deividas & Kris have the opportunity to interview one of the lead ad buyers at the Sugatan.io agency – Allan Shullman.

Deividas, Kris & Allan speak about his journey to entrepreneurship and his own eCommerce business which he successfully runs while working at Sugatan. 

Allan shares the number one technique he uses to come up with creative ideas for ads, copy, branding, advertising and an amazing movie-like story about how he got offered a sales job while at the Caspers’ mattress store.


Here’s what we cover during episode #3: 
  • What Allan’s first job as an entrepreneur was
  • What’s his side hustle, how he started it and what he’s focusing on in terms of scaling it
  • 6-step technique he’s applying when creating Facebook Ads 
  • What is Allan’s own approach to testing ads and finding ads that convert 
  • The difference between branding and advertising
  • His journey from 0.1x ROAS to 1.5x steady ROAS with one of the most difficult businesses to scale in the agency 
  • What triggered his obsession with ‘Caspers’ mattress business 
  • What are his all-time favorite ads
  • His dream of creating an ad that would change the world
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