#24 Arnas Jacevičius – Spending $80k/day on Facebook Ads

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The Sugatan Effect podcast – the podcast where eCommerce marketers, advertisers & entrepreneurs meet and share their knowledge. 

This time, Deividas & Arnas join forces to try to uncover the secrets behind spending $80k a day. Not only that, they shared their story on how Arnas has gone from not knowing anything about marketing to being one of the top-performers at the agency. 

During the podcast, Arnas shares some great tips that help us lower our CPMs by 2-3x, in a very easy way.

Some golden nuggets dropped over here!

Enjoy it & most importantly – apply this knowledge! 


Here’s what we cover during episode #24:
  • Arnas’ transformation
  • First year in Sugatan 
  • The mindset shift he had to make from spending $100k per month to $1.5M per month
  • How he approaches mistakes and fuels his growth. 
  • Campaign structure for $80k spend a day
  • Short copy vs long copy. The never-ending battle finally resolved!  
  • The sneaky trick to discover what people desire & give them exactly that
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