#14 Bastien Siebman – How to Increase Your Efficiency and Scale the Business by Optimizing Your Projects

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On this episode, Deividas sits down with Bastien, the Asana expert, and teacher.

They speak about how Bastien has helped the agency organize and automate the workflow, and how everyone can benefit from using Asana to scale their business and manage their energy & resources. 

Bastien shares his observations about the most common mistakes that business owners make as well as tips on how to fix those mistakes.

But most importantly, he helps us understand how important it is to minimize the work on non-essentials and focus on the most important tasks in the business.

Here’s what we cover during episode #14:
  • The challenges of organizing the company’s work in Asana 
  • Best practices for working with Asana 
  • Main problems businesses face in their workflow
  • Why it is important to move away from the micromanagement 
  • What does Bastien’s Asana look like?
  • Why it is important to train your team members in order to work successfully
  • The examples of increased efficiency in businesses after implementing Asana
  • The future updates and plans for Asana

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