#19 Chase Dimond – How to Generate Up to 50% of Revenue From Emails

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In this episode Deividas talks Email Marketing with Chase Dimond – a top eCommerce marketer averaging around $25+ million in email attributable revenue. They’re discussing advanced email marketing strategies, tips ‘n tricks and the direction where eCommerce is headed in 2020.

Enjoy the show!

Here’s what we cover during episode #19:

  • Actionable points and email marketing strategies 
  • Detailed overview of automation flows and systems
  • Klaviyo tips ‘n tricks in separating audiences
  • Changes in Email marketing overtime
  • Generating 50% of the business revenue from email marketing
  • All email types (Product launches, sales, educational content, PR, etc.)
  • Keeping track of campaigns
  • Coming up with ideas
  • Where is eCommerce going in 2020?
  • SMS & Messenger marketing
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