#33 Deividas & Kris – 2+ Years’ Worth of Knowledge in Creative Ads and Running Sugatan

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It’s been almost 2 years since Kris founded Sugatan. And now, to take us back, Kris and Deividas share stories, lessons learned, successes, and failures in testing creative ads and running Sugatan.

First, Kris first tells the story of how she came up with the Buzzfeed-style video ads format.

It was mostly based on the observations she made of the common patterns of the top Facebook ads at the time.

This style of Facebook ads consists of 3 main components:

  • Overlay text
  • Fast-pace
  • Demonstration (visual storytelling)

She noticed that Buzzfeed video ads were doing something very similar to this. And hence the name was born.

And the reason they work so well is because core marketing principles don’t change.

The same way infomercials work, applies to social media. 

The ad still has to stand out, capture attention within the first few seconds, have some curiosity to them, and so on.

Deividas explains his approach to conversion-driven principles and how he was inspired by one ad in particular, that really tapped into the desires of the listener.

To make sure your ads are really painting clear mental pictures, he recommends listening to them with your eyes closed to see what kind of emotions each word brings.

He explains that good copy isn’t written – it’s assembled.

For example, even if you’re not a good writer, after spending some time with your customer, you can end up writing decent and emotional copy.

Not enough brands use storytelling. You can probably boost your retention rate to as high as up to 60% with it.

On that note, Kris also stresses the importance of human psychology and storytelling within marketing

She explains that when it comes to training and mentorship, the first main thing she teaches is creative mindset principles. And only after that – all the training videos and resources.

The next topic they cover is what Kris has learned over the last 2 years of growing Sugatan, to the point where they no longer have room for more clients.

She explains that the biggest lesson she’s learned is the importance of letting go of control.

Early on – she would do everything herself, create ads, hire, design the workflow process, and more.

Now, she has learned the importance of delegating.

Next, they talk about how you can learn from failures.

For Kris, 2 specific cases come to mind:

  • Kris explains how Deividas was more stubborn in the beginning and harder to work with
  • When they lost (and later regained) an account

Kris explains how you can learn from mistakes and that in the end, sometimes things just work out in their own way.

     Here’s what we cover during episode #33:

  • What’s going on with David Speed?
  • The story behind how Kris came up with the Buzzfeed-style video ads
  • What do infomercials and social media ads have in common?
  • What Kris recommends watching to increase your conversion-driven principles and marketing skills
  • What Deividas would do if he wanted to be the best copywriter in the world
  • Painting mental pictures through different creatives
  • Why good copy is ASSEMBLED, not written
  • Underrated copywriting tips by Deividas
  • Human psychology and marketing principles 
  • What to expect from Kris’ YouTube channel
  • Understanding the visual format through creative lenses
  • Kris breaks down the creative team structure and hierarchy
  • Biggest lessons Kris has learned over the last 2 years of running Sugatan
  • Learning from failures
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