#4 Daniel Sjogren – How to Build Brands Using Automation Tools, Outsourcing And His Entrepreneurial Journey

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In this episode, Deividas speaks with Daniel Sjogren, the founder and CEO of Swedish swimwear company, ‘BrightSwimwear’, about his incredible story which includes him building a business from $0 to $500k in yearly revenue while still attending high school.

Now that he has finally graduated, Daniel is working on his automation strategies, growing his remote team, his future plans, teaming up with huge corporations and his entrepreneurial journey. 

Here’s what we cover during episode #4: 

  • How he started his, now $1 million company, out of boredom 
  • How he hid from his teachers that he was running a successful business while in high school. 
  • How he grew his business having investing nearly $0 in cash and using Instagram DM’s instead
  • Why he thinks that using only user generated content is enough to grow his business
  • How he hired a remote team of 40 smart, efficient and data driven people in the Philippines  
  • Daniel’s thoughts on changes in Instagram and future predictions 
  • Why he decided against using Snapchat for advertising his business 
  • How being sold out affects his business and what steps he’s taking to prevent it from happening in the future 
  • Why he believes that he wouldn’t have gotten to this point in life without the help of his VA 
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