#28 Eimantas Spitrys – What Ad Buying is REALLY Like

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Kris Sugatan and her right-hand Ad Buyer, Eimantas Spitrys, have a candid conversation around what it takes to become a really good Facebook Ad Buyer, how long it takes to master the game, what are the success factors that contribute to a successful account, and bust all the myths that are out there about Media Buying. 

When Sugatan was looking to hire a new Ad Buyer, we had around 35 applicants for that position. Eimantas stood out from all of those people, even though he had been doing it for less than a year, at that point. Discover which qualities were the most important ones for Eimantas to take this position and why he is so great at what he does. 

Here’s what we cover during episode #28:
  • What makes Ad Buyers one of the most important roles in any eCommerce business?
  • Why is being an intern at an agency first, is the best way to learn?
  • What Eimantas thinks about working alone vs. at a small agencies vs. at amazing Sugatan
  • Why is Sugatan soooo amazing to work for?
  • The truth about factors that lead to successful eCommerce businesses
  • Do you know what the main benefit of hiring an agency is? HINT: they’re bringing with them a body of knowledge of not just one account, but of multiple accounts
  • The secret to building an agency trifecta: high quality video ads/creatives, email marketing, and CRO
  • What you must do to become a really good ad buyer: fine tune your intuition 
  • Build a successful ad account + get a min. of 2x ROAS in Ads Manager by testing, testing, testing (audience, campaign structure, creatives, etc)
  • The secret to finding your most successful ad, according to Eimantas is running 70-100 tests per week
  • Don’t fear that your ideas aren’t good enough! All ideas have equal value prior to testing
  • Perfect spelling is the way to go on ads, right? WRONG! Misspellings work – sing me up vs. sign me up generated 75% of sign ups 

Thanks for listening! And most importantly – apply the acquired knowledge to your business!

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