#25 Erika Zeigyte – Behind The Scenes Of Hiring A-Class Team Members

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 The Sugatan Effect podcast – the podcast where eCommerce marketers, advertisers & entrepreneurs meet and share their knowledge. 

     In spirit of International Women’s Day, we have two lovely ladies on the podcast. This time Kris is hosting the podcast, guest starring fellow team member, Erika.

     Erika’s story with Sugatan agency starts when she was working a full-time job as a project manager at a science lab, when she applied as a personal assistant for Kris. She was hustling at these two jobs for half a year. During that time, Erika showed how smart and talented she is and proved that she’s not only a great performer but also an amazing executor.

    After working together for some time, Kris realized the importance of Erika as a team member, resulting in her promotion to COO of Sugatan. Now, Kris thinks that everyone needs an “Erika” in their life. Even the “Mambo No. 5” song has it in its’ lyrics: “A little bit of Erika by my side”. 

     If are looking for your perfect match, for your new open position, Kris & Erika drop some knowledge bombs for you to keep in mind, so make sure to get that pen and paper ready.

Enjoy the episode and most importantly – apply these tips, to find your new dream team member.


Here’s what we cover during episode #25:

  • Sugatan’s hiring mistakes in 2019, and how to avoid them in your business
  • How to properly hire new employees and how to identify A-Class players
  • Should you hire, or refer someone just because they’re a friend?
  • What platforms Sugatan likes to use, to find new talent for the team
  • Should you ignore a candidate without a portfolio?
  • “Worker mentality” vs “Entrepreneur mentality”
  • Step-by-step process of testing new team members
  • Sneaky ways, to filter out some unwanted candidates
  • How legitimate is the idea of testing a person after they’re already been hired?
  • What to expect from a hiree during the first two weeks?
  • Who’s the boss at Sugatan? Is it a person at all?
  • Same hiring template for ad-buyers, visual artists and the executive assistant?
  • A nightmare experience of hiring developers


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