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#5 Florian Tep – Is the Dropshipping Dead? Strategies and Methodologies Going Into 2020

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This time, Deividas has a very genuine conversation with Florian Tep about dropshipping businesses. How to succeed in dropshipping in 2020, his methodology on finding products & testing them.

They even dive deep and try to answer the main question on everyone’s mind –  Is dropshipping really dead?

To find out what Florian thinks and how he finds his winning products and uses them to scale his many companies tune in to this episode. 


Here’s what we cover during episode #5:
  • How he scaled his product from $0 to almost $100k  in a month
  • How and why he primarily searches for his winning products on his own Facebook feed  
  • Why he has multiple dropshipping stores in different countries and how he uses them to get a consistent flow of income
  • How to correctly use mono-product and general stores in order to scale faster 
  • What is his own ‘5G formula’ that he says can help scale the products to the moon  
  • What metrics is he looking at before scaling an account 
  • How he taught his girlfriend to do dropshipping and why this store accidentally became super successful. 
  • How does he deal with accounts that are being blocked 
  • Why he only takes Amazon reviews seriously and ignores Ali express 
  • How he decided to move to Bali and how he is running his business from there 
  • His future plans and ambitions
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