#59 – Deividas Mikocionis – Differences Between 8-9 Figure Entrepreneurs, New Funnels, and Testing Offers

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It’s time for another solo episode with Deividas!

In this catchup podcast, Deividas gives an update on what’s been going on behind the scenes the past 2 months. He talks about testing new eCommerce funnels, offers, and differences between 8-9 figure entrepreneurs. 

It’s been tough, he says. 

They were projecting a lot more in revenue for all of the eCommerce businesses. So, they hired more people, bought more inventory, and so on.

But things didn’t go as planned, exactly.

Only now he’s getting ahead of it and not panicking anymore. He says they tested a lot of different funnels and offerings – some of which worked, some of which didn’t.

But now – things are back to normal. The revenue and conversion rates are up, and the cost per landing page view is down again. He says things are starting to look like how things were in October, just before the elections. 

There was a lot of fear in consumers’ minds back then. Now, the stimulus checks were approved and a pattern is emerging:

  • Whenever the stock and cryptocurrency prices go up, consumers stop buying as much.
  • When the stock and cryptocurrency prices go down, consumers start buying again.

From his personal studies, Deividas says he’s been studying lots of human nature, genetics, neuroscience, and more. He says this has helped him greatly with understanding personal development and how people work. This has been much more helpful than self-help books too.

He’s doing a lot more writing too – doing the 30for30 writing challenge on Twitter (link below) and other social media.

Now that he’s back in Mexico, it’s back to work.

Another big announcement at the agency level – Deividas says Sugatan is taking clients again! 

Apply here while you still can.

As of now, Deividas says they’re mostly specializing in media buying, video production, and graphic design. They’re doing other services too, but they’re going to be the best in the creative realm in particular. Ideally, this will help them get through the iOS 14 changes.

Other than that, Deividas is doing regular Clubhouse sessions at 1:30 PM EST time with John Hagan, Fares Benouhiba, and other guests.

Be sure to join high-level eCommerce marketing and discussions!

     Here’s what we cover during episode #59:

  • 00:18 – Why the past 2 months have been a tough period and a glimpse into behind-the-scenes operations
  • 00:53 – Testing different funnels and offers. Here’s what worked and what didn’t (simpler than you think)
  • 01:48 – Emerging pattern with the stock and cryptocurrency market prices and consumers’ buying habits
  • 02:45 – Why Deividas has been studying neuroscience to get an edge and gain a better understanding of marketing as well as personal development
  • 04:59 – The most valuable content Deividas has written on Twitter about getting eCommerce businesses to 8-figures in yearly revenue 
  • 05:40 – Back in Mexico and big announcement at the agency level!
  • 07:22 – Clubhouse sessions and reducing iOS 14 changes through creatives
  • 08:16 – Snapchat head of growth and other exciting Clubhouse session guests to expect 
  • 09:10 – 30for30 writing every day and the differences between 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs
  • 11:34 – Other real-life insights and content to expect from Deividas 

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