#10 Holly & Joe – Masterminds Behind the Facebook Ads that Have Generated Over +15mm in Revenue in 2019

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In this episode, Deividas talks with the videography team of Sugatan on the processes of creating successful video ads and the nature of them, which have generated millions of dollars for our clients.

It’s no secret that video editing is a huge part of the success of your marketing campaign, therefore Holly & Joe share what’s important in order to create video ads, their experiences and stories about them, as well as the exact details of conversion principles of what makes the ad generate sales.

Those who really want to dive deep into the ad creation and understand what works now!

Here’s what we cover during episode #10: 
  • How did they get into videography?
  • What did they learn in a videography university?
  • What are the fundamentals of a successful video ad?
  • What stops the scroll? 
  • How to come up with ideas?
  • The importance of copywriting in videos
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Enjoy the show!




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