#9 Ian M Nagy – Meditation, Direct Response Copywriting, working at Golden Hippo & YouTube ads

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In this episode you’ll meet Ian M Nagy – the co-founder of a digital marketing agency managing around 1 million US dollars a month on ad spend specifically focused on YouTube ads.

It’s always nice to hear interesting, entertaining stories and Ian’s life has been full of them, so buckle up!

From self-discovery with the help of meditation retreats to accidentally landing a job in the porn industry, he’s talking about it all. This is so far the longest podcast we’ve had, but we promise you – it’s worth the listen! 

Here’s what we cover during episode 9: 
  • How did Ian get into the digital marketing space?
  • Working in the porn industry
  • The importance of direct response copywriting
  • Youtube ads
  • The role of meditation in Joe’s life
  • Joe’s teachers and mentors along the way
  • History
  • Working at Golden Hippo
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Find Ian:
Last 3 Episodes:

Enjoy the show!



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