#63 Paul Benigeri – How Influencers and User-generated Content are Shaping the Future of Marketing

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Paul Benigeri, CEO and Co-Founder of archive.ai, met with Kris Sugatan to talk about Archive, influencer & community marketing, automation, virtue signalling, three top trends, and a whole lot more. 

Seriously, this episode is a treasure trove of information! Don’t miss a beat. 

Let’s start with an intro to archive.ai and their app. Archive is a software company that specializes in automation, ultimately helping brands build community marketing. They achieve this in two ways:

  1. Through a software platform called Archive Communities that helps scale in-house influencer communities. 
  2. The Archive app stores content created by the above-mentioned communities and lets brands leverage the user-generated content (UGC) in their ad campaigns. 

Archive is the only Shopify app that automatically saves Instagram posts, stories, and reels that mention your brand. And then it keeps it in a convenient space where the content can be accessed whenever you want to use it. 

It’s basically all your Insta UGC in one organized place!

🎁 BONUS: Listen to the end of the episode to get early access to the beta Archive app. We’ll give you a code and your first 250 posts will be saved for free. (Woop!)

In short, “community marketing” means building a community of customers and then using their content in ad campaigns.

The relationships with these customer communities are vital. Only solid, authentic relationships will result in successful community marketing. 

Don’t forget, it’s about people at the end of the day, not just the pay-off.  

Kris agrees that the future of eCommerce is heading towards community marketing. Sugatan’s influencer team reaches out to repeat customers who provide positive feedback on a product, then they invite them to become part of the brand’s community. 

The only downfall for Sugatan thus far has been the immense administrative efforts and manpower it takes to scale a community of customers who will create good UGC.

Paul adds that these particular “nano influencers” aren’t easily motivated by the usual drawing cards like discounts. Historically, freebies or discounts would be a good way to get influencers on board.

But we’re not really talking about typical influencers here. We’re talking about real customers who become influencers (or nano influencers) without batting an eyelid because they truly believe in the brand.

What it boils down to is authenticity. Authentic customer feedback. Authentic brands. Authentic relationships with customers and influencers. 

However, with great community marketing comes great administration. 

There’s a mountain of admin happening behind the scenes because strategizing and managing ad campaigns – let alone a community of customers – involves more than a couple of spreadsheets. 

That’s why Archive specializes in automation, and it’s also why it is one of the major topics in this podcast. 

Without giving too much away, take a look at the episode’s breakdown below. Listen to the full episode to dive even deeper.


Here’s what you can expect to hear in episode #63:

  • 1:13 – Paul explains what archive.ai does and introduces the Archive app
  • 5:44 – The pain points of managing campaigns
  • 8:50 – How Sugatan’s influencer marketing team operates
  • 10:25 – Getting discounts and gifting right 
  • 11:39 – The importance of an emotional connection with a brand
  • 13:28 – Creating relatable content
  • 15:03 – Authenticity is everything 
  • 17:20 – How Archive can test thousands of customer opinions
  • 19:20 – The downside of automation: losing the personal connection
  • 20:45 – Human communication and connections are essential
  • 21:13 – How Archive differs from GRIN
  • 23:25 – How Archive Communities scales and manages thousands of influencers
  • 29:57 – The free giveaway test
  • 31:08 – Three major trends Paul foresees
  • 37:28 – The role virtue signalling plays in community marketing
  • 37:57 – Why Paul chose the influencer marketing route
  • 41:16 – Why we’re in the golden age of eCommerce
  • 48:50 – The future of shopping
  • 52:00 – Listen up for the code to get early access to Archive beta


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