#20 Joe Rozsa – 22 Years of Experience In eCommerce in One Podcast

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In this episode, Deividas speaks with Joe Rozsa – an eCommerce specialist with 22-years of experience in the field. They cover many eCommerce topics, as well as general business lessons Joe’s learned and mistakes he’s made throughout his 22 years. Joe mentions his current projects and goes into how psychology is related to business.


Here’s what we cover during episode #19:

  • 22 years of experience in eCommerce
  • What’s eCommerce really about?
  • Getting involved in interesting projects
  • Biggest lessons learned and the mistakes that were made
  • How to do business with friends
  • Allocating your focus on what’s important
  • Organizing networking events
  • Joe’s goals for 2020
  • Psychology in business

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