#27 John Hagan – Attribution Models, PR and Getting From 8 Figures to 9

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     In this episode, Deividas has invited John Hagan, the Director of Growth at PURELEI, back on the show for his second visit on the Sugatan Effect Podcast. John has worked with brands that have over 100 employees and has helped to scale them over 8 figures.

   Deividas & John touch on their annoyances that the current pandemic is bringing to them. Luckily, they are both able to earn money working from home, but they’re still human beings with social needs and habits, which are currently limited. 

     What are some of the most common misconceptions about attribution? Is it really such a big problem as some companies portray? John gives us his two cents about this controversy. Also, it seems like Deividas is up to something. He says that the person, who solves this issue, might have billions rolling in his bank account. John had a meeting with the director of global media at Adidas and he discovered that no one, not even multi-billion companies have been able to solve this issue.

     They compare direct response campaigns against brand identity campaigns. How do you balance these two? Which one is better and in what situation? Are they even comparable? John just happened to be reading a book about this particular topic and once again expresses his opinion about these two types of campaigns. Interesting fact – you can make a baby, named Branded Response.


Here’s what we cover during episode #27:


  • How COVID-19 is interfering with their lives
  • Direct Response vs Brand Identity campaigns
  • The one problem, no one in marketing business has solved
  • John’s journey to building an attribution model
  • Insights from Adidas marketing
  • Who is the North Star of attribution, according to the director of global media at Adidas
  • What’s the bible of attribution? The best literature on this topic, according to John
  • Deividas is getting suspicious
  • What is econometric modeling?
  • Benefits of data-driven companies and should you hire a data analyst team?
  • Will brands, which have scaled during the pandemic, keep their status after it’s over?
  • How did Deividas achieve big revenues using the pandemic to his advantage?
  • What can you learn from Donald Trump’s email subscription?

Thanks for listening! And most importantly – apply the acquired knowledge to your business!

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