#15 Kris & Deividas $5mm November Formula, Common Traps & Growth Hacking the eCommerce

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In this episode, Kris & Deividas sit down to discuss the results of Black Friday in Sugatan agency – the numbers generated, strategies that worked and what didn’t, mistakes that were made and what lessons were learned by everyone on the team.

They talk about their daily life growing Sugatan agency, they go through the main things that are being implemented inside the agency. One thing that is mentioned that is definitely worth mentioning is: the new ambassador program for influencer marketing and the oh-so-trendy YouTube ads that are being introduced to the agency’s clients.

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Here’s what we cover during episode #15:
  • Black Friday numeric results
  • Black Friday lessons learned – mistakes & winnings made
  • Reinvesting in other channels and constantly testing new things
  • The cycles of business throughout the year
  • Influencer marketing scaling
  • YouTube ads for agencies
  • Keeping things organized

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