#2 Deividas Mikocionis – How He Manages 800k in Facebook Ads Spend, Scaling eCommerce Business & Language Learning

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In this episode, we wanted to mix things up a bit so Kris Sugatan is interviewing the 2nd podcast guest – Deividas Mikocionis.

Kris gets Deividas to share the secret daily routines that help him manage $800k in ad spend and be done with work by 12 pm every day, his tips on scaling businesses to 7-8 figures in yearly revenue, and his experience with the biggest mistakes that eCommerce business owners make.

Deividas speaks about his favorite & proven-to-work media buying strategies. On a personal note, the technique he used to learn 3 new languages, only taking 3 months to learn each. 


Here’s what we cover during episode #2: 
  • What the best approach is when trying to get equity in business’ 
  • How he was hired as a growth hacker and ended up working as a lead strategist in the agency
  • What’s his special formula for managing huge amounts of work in the least time possible 
  • How he continues to 10x a business’ in a few months time
  • His way of keeping his many fears from stopping him in life and in business 
  • How he manages to focus on just one thing for 3 months period and during this time dedicate 4-6 hours per day for it
  • How he discovered his entrepreneurial side and realized that he has always been one without even knowing it 
  • How he can network and stay an introvert at the same time 
  • What’s his advice for those who are trying to keep good relationships with the founders’ business owners. 
  • What is the thing that keeps him at Sugatan 
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