#26 Deividas & Kris – Scaling eCommerce Brands During Covid-19

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    Kris and Deividas sit down to chat about the current status of the businesses they’re scaling during the COVID-19 pandemic. All over the world, economies are going south, but they have found hacks to actually grow our clients’ businesses during this time of uncertainty. The agency has discovered the right niches of business that are currently thriving and we’re going all in. That’s just how we roll! They also share some insight on what people might start doing while being on lockdown (business-wise). 

    In this episode, Kris and Deividas also speculate about how the current pandemic could change the world for the foreseeable future. Working from home is currently really overlooked by many companies and Kris strongly believes that there are more pros than cons in working remotely, than there are in a traditional office job. During this difficult time, many business owners may start to realize the benefits of remote jobs and start allowing some employees to work from home, even after this pandemic is over. 

    Both Kris and Deividas are currently starting to focus more on new projects and creating content. Kris is slowly becoming a Youtube star and she talks a little bit about her new eCourse that revolves around getting your business from $0 to $100,000. As always, Kris is doing everything in her own, unique way. That’s why she has decided to make it a “pay what you want” eCourse. Discover why she decided to set it up this way and why she doesn’t want it to be a source of income. 

    On the other hand, Deividas is starting to write more and he’s planning on launching his own blog. He has always been great at storytelling and that’ll be the main focus of his new venture. He’s also releasing another huge article in which he shares 95 hacks on how to grow your business. SAY WHAAAT?! This is unheard of in this industry so get your pen and paper ready! 

    Unlike other Sugatan Effect Podcast episodes, this one doesn’t necessarily contain as many applicable knowledge bombs dropped throughout, but both hustlers are giving you a sneak peek into their new projects in which you’ll learn way more than you would from a regular course. So, check out for yourself what this is all about!

Here’s what we cover during episode #26:

  • Deividas shares numbers of scaled businesses during this pandemic
  • How prepared were we for this kind of jump?
  • What should we expect during the COVID-19 era?
  • Where is the actual bottleneck of scaling the business?
  • Which niches are we committing to now?
  • Kris and Deividas’ predictions on global shift from office to remote work
  • Upsides for having a remote business module
  • We’ve found a hack to scale businesses during the lockdown
  • Which ethos of business is Kris going against in Sugatan?
  • Kris’s ultimate goals and how she plans to of achieve them
  • Why is Kris visiting a psychic?
  • What books are Kris and Deividas reading?
  • Deividas’s new view of literature and eCourses
  • Find out where you can visit us and have a cup of coffee together
  • Kris is starting on a new project to keep her busy
  • Alchemy of Kris and Deividas working together
  • Kris is working on a new eCourse and talks about the purpose of it
  • Deividas has realized what he really likes to do
  • Deividas’ talks new blog
  • 95 hacks for e-business?
  • Boiling Point principle
  • Deividas’s view of quitting the race with enough money to retire
  • What’s the single pattern for becoming successful at anything
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