#12 Kris & Deividas – Thinking Process, & Habits Behind Scaling The Accounts to 60k In Daily Revenue

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This time it’s Kris taking over the podcast and interviewing Deividas on how he’s been able to consistently scale the accounts working only a few hours per day on multiple accounts.

Deividas is the highest-performing and most revenue-generating Senior eCommerce Strategist in Sugatan. He is bringing massive results to the table that are linked with the fact that he does things differently than others.

They’re digging deep into the reason behind his thinking processes and bringing very impressive results. 

If you’re interested in high performance, this is one of the best podcasts we’ve created so far! 

Enjoy the show!



Here’s what we cover during episode #12:
  • Deividas’ first hour of the day
  • His daily habits
  • How he gets his mind back on track
  • Problem solving with the help of psychedelics
  • Journaling
  • How he comes up with his best ideas
  • Speed-reading
  • Constant learning process
  • Surrounding yourself with smart people
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