#1 Kris Sugatan – How to Create 7-Figure Agency, Scale eCommerces and Importance of Burning it All Behind

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This episode is the beginning of the Sugatan Effect Podcast.

To mark the occasion Deividas sits down with Kris Sugatan, the CEO and founder of the Sugatan.io agency.

In this conversation they don’t just cover the basics (pretty incredible basics to be honest), but rather how she started an agency that became an 8 figure business, challenges she faces while running it, the most important factors in scaling eCommerce businesses and her goals to generate billions of dollars worth of value in the world through eCommerce, and we also get a glimpse at the personal side of Kris’s story.

She talks about being a career-server for 7 years and what it took to leave it all behind in order to start a different life. She digs into the beginning of her work as an entrepreneur, determination, decisions and how she created a spreadsheet plan to be able to survive on canned beans and biscuits for 2 months.


Here’s what we cover during episode #1: 
  • How Kris became an accidental career-server
  • What she considers to be the main thing that led her to where she is now
  • How getting the revenue share deal can help the business grow
  • Facebook ads, creative production, email marketing, website conversion and why those are the strongest assets in the agency
  • What is the test phase and why it is important
  • What’s the difference between lifestyle and serial entrepreneurs
  • Mastering life and generating $100 billion worth of value in business, money, leadership, goals, ecosystem, data and etc.
  • What is entrepreneurship to Kris? 
  • And finally, what really makes an ad go viral? 
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