#11 Kristaps Beltins – Influencer Marketing Secrets

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This is a short, yet highly actionable episode of the podcast with our influencer marketing manager Kristaps Beltins.

Kristaps is a digital marketer working on influencer marketing for several of Sugatan’s clients and has been successfully managing influencer campaigns in both the US and Europe.

He is sharing insights about his role in Sugatan, the influencer marketing processes look like as well as digging deeper into influencer marketing itself while sharing tips and tricks.

If you want to learn how to scale it up quickly, without spending tons of money – we highly recommend you listen to this one!

Here’s what we cover during episode #11: 
  • What are the processes necessary for an influencer marketing campaign?
  • What is the difference between working with macro and micro-influencers?
  • How to track the results of influencer marketing?
  • What tools and platforms can help to scale the processes?
  • Why is influencer marketing important?
  • What are other ways of using influencer marketing?

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Enjoy the show! 



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