#7 Nabeel Azeez – How To Increase Your Sales via Email Marketing & Conversion Rate on Your Website

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In this episode Deividas talks with Nabel Azeez – an author, direct response copywriter and marketing consultant in Dubai, U.A.E. who is running a boutique marketing agency focused on email and content marketing.

This is a very informative podcast, so listen up and take notes!

Enjoy the show!

Here’s what we cover during episode #7: 
  • How did he get into the copywriting game? 
  • Hacks to increase sales through email marketing 
  • Quality vs. quantity
  • Idea generation 
  • A-list copywriters 
  • Website conversion rate hacks 
  • Advertorials 
  • Email marketing hacks
  • Going to university vs. learning online 
  • Making simple changes on Shopify to get great results on CR
  • Copywriting process 
  • Content distribution strategies from Gary Vee
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  1. Adam

    This actually answered my problem, thank you!


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