#22 Oliver Kenyon – Top 5 Tricks to Optimize Your Lander NOW, Biggest Mistakes Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

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At 14, Oliver decided to make his own hip-hop themed forum. His dad and grandfather gave him 140£, for all the licensing and hosting costs, in exchange they asked for 40% of his company. With his little project, Oliver sparked an interest in making websites. With another of his forums, he gained a big following and met some amazing designers, who helped him to achieve the success he has today.

Oliver has 7 years of experience in creating high converting landing pages. His company “Landing Page Guys” manages around 50-100 projects per month, with the help of 40 employees. And they don’t plan to stop growing any time soon! 

Deividas & Oliver talked about everything related to high-converting landing pages. Oliver was generous enough to share the top-5 things he would change on any landing page and see an increase in conversion. At the same time, he shared the top mistakes entrepreneurs are making when creating their landers. 

After the podcast Deividas decided to do a few things to optimize his landing pages himself and will be implementing them ASAP. 

Enjoy the episode!


Here’s what we cover during episode #22:

  •  5 most important things to focus on when it comes to a converting website
  •  Improving loading speed of your landing page
  •  Learning about AIDA principle
  •  Importance of testimonials
  •  The magic of emojis – how to use them to increase the conversion rate
  •  Which tools to use when optimizing a website
  •  Biggest mistakes creating websites
  •  Landing page that leads to 8.3x conversion rate
  •  Creating a page for sale


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