#23 Kris & Deividas – Personal Branding & Letting Go Of Control

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Once again, Deividas sits down with Kris to chat about their increasing pains of growing the agency and the challenges they’re  facing. They discuss where they are getting their creative inspiration from (which is not where you would expect) and updates on where the agency is headed.

They create a cozy environment for you to learn in, so if that’s what you’ve been searching for this is the episode you should be listening to.

Enjoy it!

Here’s what we cover in episode #23: 
  • Kris is fascinated by Cardi B’s branding in her transition from stripper to triple platinum rapper
  • Bringing value to the agency to have success follow is one of the major goals for 2020
  • Paid subscription group: pooling together people who are serious about their success
  • Sugatan agency is not just a Facebook advertiser; we are full funnel entrepreneurs
  • Kris mentions how we’re moving into an era where transparency is the the game & understand why Cardi B is so popular: she is raw, real, and genuine
  • Deividas talks about why connecting with people and being raw is so important
  • Kris and Deividas use daily journaling to work through business processes
  • Biggest struggle: making own decisions vs. including others
  • Letting go of control: the most important thing is expressing non-negotiables and work from there
  • Everything else outside of non-negotiables can be worked out


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