#18 Kris & Deividas – Processes & Systems Growing Agency to 75 People, Value Bomb

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In this episode, Kris reveals what she’s been up to in these last couple of months. She talks about her goals, ambitions, and plans for Sugatan agency in 2020, including expanding from 30 to 75 people working full time, and, as always, she dives deep into the struggles that come with it.

For an agency or any business that is growing at this speed, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy functioning ecosystem and to make sure that new and old team members alike know exactly what they are supposed to be doing at all times.

At this point, even if the core team members are well adjusted to the processes and systems, they will also be facing a major challenge: as the team grows,8 so do their responsibilities.

Sugatan’s operation team is working harder than ever trying to identify new talent that will hopefully help take the agency to another level in this upcoming year. Thankfully the majority of the hard work the team has been putting in this last year, trying to optimize the hiring process, is paying off meaning that most of the tasks related to hiring and on boarding are now being flawlessly executed, allowing Kris to focus only on finding those A-players.

Another big part of the excitement shared in episode #19 is Deividas’ 50-page long article, lovingly called “Knowledge Bomb” by other team members. What’s a “Knowledge Bomb” or “Value Bomb” and why has this project earned this particular name? The answer is simple: because of the variety of the extremely detailed content you will be able to find once it has been published. 

Deividas has put all the fundamental steps and strategies he’s used himself, while working with the agency’s clients and it can help you scale your eCommerce business if given the time and effort to actually execute these steps and strategies.

The article is going live on January 15th, 2020 and it will be available on the website, on our private Facebook group as well as on all of our social media channels.

Deividas has also discovered a way to add Pinterest ads and he shares his experience with testing and implementing them for his current clients. So far the results have been beyond satisfying and he talks about how he’s managed to achieve great results without actually doing anything.

Tune in to this episode if you’re interested in business growth, hiring and identifying new talent, managing the remote team as well as creating a thriving ecosystem and the magic behind Pinterest ads.


Here’s what we cover during episode #18:
  • The most underrated food for Kris & Deividas
  • What’s the plan for growing Sugatan to 75 people?
  • Expanding departments and work that comes with expansion
  • Moving to the new workflow structure within the organization
  • What are the “pods” and how did we come up with them
  • What are the three different people that live inside each one of us and how to leverage their strengths
  • Plans to open a Sugatan co-working space in Lithuania
  • The newfound way to select which clients to take on
  • Adjusting to new tendencies in online advertising and marketing
  • Deividas’ strengths and weaknesses regarding management and execution
  • The release of a 50-page long “Value Bomb” article from Sugatan and why we are giving it away for free 
  • The process and joys of hiring the first interns in the agency 
  • The extraordinary results of Pinterest marketing
  • When and where you are going to be able to see Kris speak
  • Why are we changing the name of our private Facebook group?
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