#46 Deividas – Scaling Secrets Behind Growing $30M-$100M and the Future of the Sugatan Effect Podcast

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In this podcast, Deividas is alone once again and gives us an update on what he’s been learning in the past 2 months, the biggest takeaways and insights, and the future of Sugatan podcasts.

Because of how niche the Sugatan podcasts are, Deividas says he doesn’t want to bring on guests who wouldn’t add a lot of value to the community.

Towards the end, he reveals the upcoming roster of the Sugatan effect podcast guests, keep on listening for more info on this later.

In the past few months, he says he’s been working with multiple eCommerce business owners in different industries. He says many DTC brands have been struggling in October but they’re picking up the pace again now – going into BFCM.

And now, in this podcast, he provides an update on all things covered in the last podcast.

The first thing he covers is Reddit and PR stunts.

Deividas realized for PR to hit, you need to be consistent and test everything. 

He says you need to try at least 5 times or so and the faster you test, the more likely you are to strike gold. 

In this Reddit PR stunt, he says they gave away 1,000+ products to health care workers nationwide in the U.S. As a result, the health care workers started talking amongst themselves. 

By creating these “Instagrammable moments”, Deividas says though they didn’t get a lot of PR, but people started sharing positive things about the brand and got word-of-mouth engagement. 

Deividas continues to say that he’s currently working with 3 brands that are generating $30M+/year currently and he wants to scale them past $100M+/year using Facebook and Instagram, influencer marketing, and SEO and other organic traffic sources.

The next topic Deividas provides an update on is mental health and psychedelics.

He’s recently had a life-changing experience with a shaman of New Mexico mountains – who’s been passing on the traditions of his tribe for a long time now. He’s also strongly considering taking psychedelics in the native habitat of the shamans.

As you may know, Deividas is heavily into psychedelics and he says this experience helped him overcome the “winter-y” mood of October.

Moving on, he gives an update on what to expect for the future of the Sugatan Effect podcast. One thing that’s for certain is that a lot of new and exciting guests are lined up to come visit us.

The next podcast will be with the director of eCommerce who worked with Nike, other established brands in Europe, and now works with Sugatan. She’s dealing with developers, designers, agencies, and most importantly – making sure product launches go smoothly. 

This is most likely to be the topic of the next podcast as well.

Deividas says he thought they were doing product launches well before. But after researching what Nike, Glossier, Drunk Elephant and other brands do, he’s now reinventing his product launch formula.

The next guest of the podcast after that will be Alexis – an influencer marketing director who’s completely changed Sugatan’s influencer marketing department. Now, they’re focusing on long-term revenue, they’re getting celebrities on board, and will be tracking data differently.

Other podcasts guests you can expect on the Sugatan effect podcast include:

  • Agency owner who’s managing 250+ brands and works only 1 day per week.
  • Reddit, community-building, and PR expert who knows his way around spirituality as well as business.
  • Agency owner who Deividas spoke with when he was just starting out and now has already surpassed Sugatan within a year. They managed to raise some capital and are part of a bigger company dealing with supply chain management. They’re growing at a massive rate and have offices in 4 different countries.
  • And more.

Finally, we’d like to hear from YOU.

Would you like to hear more solo podcasts by Deividas or more podcasts with guests? Have anything specific you want us to cover? Or just have any questions on this podcast?

Let us know in our private Facebook group!

     Here’s what we cover during episode 46:

  • What Deividas has been up to in the past 2 months and how he’s brainstorming the future of Sugatan podcasts to be more engaging and useful
  • Deividas breaks down his PR stunt of giving away 1,000+ products to health care workers in the U.S.: What he learned, what went right and what went wrong
  • Results of the Reddit PR stunt and what he’s thinking about for the future
  • How to overcome the shiny object syndrome while continuing to test things at an efficient rate on the go
  • What it’s like working with 3 brands that are generating $30M+/year and how Deividas is working to get them to scale to $100M+/year using these 3 top of the funnel traffic sources
  • Next topic – psychedelics and mental health
  • Shamans of New Mexico mountains and why Deividas is strongly considering taking psychedelics in the deserts with the native shamans
  • A big thank you for all the support – why Deividas is so thankful for all the support he’s been getting from the podcast listeners
  • The next topic of the Sugatan effect podcast. Here’s why Deividas is now reinventing their product launch formula working with the director of eCommerce who’s worked with Nike and other huge companies, and is now working with Sugatan
  • Why you should expect great things and other value bombs we’ll be sharing in the next 2 weeks
  • Next topic – list of future guest appearances on the Sugatan effect.
  • How this influencer marketing director has completely changed Sugatan’s influencer marketing department completely. Now they’re focusing on the long-term revenue, looking at data differently, and are even onboarding celebrities
  • How this agency owner only works 1 day per week while owning 250+ brands and what you can learn from his process
  • Books recommended by Reddit, PR, and community-builder expert that will help you spiritually as well as in your business
  • Agency owner who Deividas spoke with when he was just starting out and now, the owner has already surpassed Sugatan within a year. His legendary backstory and what you can learn from him
  • Parting thoughts, future of the Sugatan effect podcast, and what we’d like to hear from YOU

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