#66 TikTok is the Gateway to eCommerce Success – Haley Rebennack & Callum Hilton

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Sugatan’s Video Strategists and resident TikTok connoisseurs, Haley Rebennack and Callum Hilton talk about the importance of TikTok for eCommerce brands in this episode.


TikTok is here to stay

With over 1 billion active users on TikTok, it’s clear that this relatively “new” social media platform has already reached global domination and is not going anywhere.

TikTok’s unique format has taken the digital marketing landscape by storm, ushering in a new wave of social media ads and brand content that feels more personal, is more humor-focused and achieves viral status like never before.


What this TikTok talk is about

The gist is that if you’re not leveraging TikTok for your eCommerce brand, you’re missing out.

You’ll find out that being an avid user of TikTok is all that is required to start harnessing the power of TikTok for your brand.

Haley Rebennack and Callum Hilton talk about how Sugatan has implemented TikTok into our video ads strategies and discuss the differences and balance between paid and organic TikTok content.

They dispel the myth that TikTok is only for Gen Z and Callum examines some of his own viral TikToks and how using viral sounds and music were the keys to his success.

You’ll also learn that TikTok is just as effective of an acquisition channel as Facebook and Instagram and that the same conversion principles you’re using on other marketing channels still apply.


The rundown of episode #66:

  • 01:00 – Haley introduces herself and explains how Sugatan has started leveraging TikTok for some of our eCommerce clients
  • 02:40 – Organic versus paid ads on TikTok: why you should approach ads in a similar way as organic posts
  • 05:15 – You need to get inside the mind of the viewer to produce good TikTok ads/content
  • 06:40 – TikTok is not just for 13-year-olds, many older demographics use the platform
  • 08:50 – The same conversion principles that you follow on Facebook or Instagram still apply to TikTok
  • 09:57 – TikTok is niche-driven and community-driven
  • 10:30 – How one of Callum’s TikToks went viral because of a trending sound
  • 11:55 – Is TikTok the next Facebook?
  • 13:50 – Will marketers experience many roadblocks because of TikTok blocking paid ads?
  • 16:07 – TikTok can help you grow your audience with organic content
  • 18:55 – The top-performing TikToks are the ones that transcend a niche or demographics
  • 19:52 – You can go viral in an instant, but overall, TikToks have a super short lifespan
  • 22:30 – What happens to TikTok content creators who make it big
  • 24:10 – Callum breaks down one of his accidental viral TikToks
  • 27:16 – The “first 3 seconds” rule may apply but at the end of the day, people will watch what they want to watch on TikTok
  • 27:55 – Why you absolutely must be an avid user of TikTok if you’re creating TikTok content (paid or organic)
  • 32:04 – TikTok is geo-locked which is why your posting location matters
  • 34:40 – How important are sound and music in your TikToks?
  • 38:10 – One trending sound can be used across different niches in multiple TikToks
  • 40:40 – TikToks don’t require expensive or time-consuming production
  • 43:38 – How TikTok is similar to YouTube
  • 47:05 – The importance of text on TikTok videos
  • 48:30 – TikTok has been centered around shareability from the start
  • 49:30 – How comments can propel a TikTok into viral status

You can watch the video version of this episode here.


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