The Ultimate Checklist For Doing Research on a New E-commerce Business


Supplementing a new product in a marketplace can be a challenging endeavor. We have broken down four steps for successful research so that you can utilize our techniques in your own e-commerce store.

Let’s take a look at our top four steps for successful research:

1. Identify Top Competitors.

Use tools like ClickBank to get an idea of what your top competitors are doing. Put them into a similar web, Alexa tools in order to analyze their traffic and audience. This will help you better understand their tactics and which markets they are targeting.

2. Analyze Top Converting Ad Campaigns

For this task, tools such as socialpeta, adespresso and Facebook itself come in handy. Check what kind of ads are working the best and put them into a Swipe File to inspire your own advertising techniques.

3. Copywriting Research

Create a research sheet. Use this sheet in order to quantify what are the biggest pain points, desired outcomes, objections of your advertising and know in which order you need to hit your desired customers with these messages.

4. Analysis

Use your information gathered to analyze the results and think of new angles. Supplements business is a competitive market, so you need to be collecting meaningful data. As you make your copywriting quantifiable, it will be easy to understand what your customers want the most and how to easily communicate with them. Collectively, this is a never-ending process of research and testing. However, this is an invaluable strategy that can yield very profitable results. 

Take the time to do research so that you can develop meaningful campaigns with impactful results. 


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  1. Manuel Miñano

    Interesting check list. I see that the research part is much more relevant and important than the vast majority consider.

    I have a couple of questions, see if you can help me;)

    When a new client enters, how much time (more or less) do you invest in the research phase?

    When in point 2 “Analyze Top Converting Ad Campaigns”, you say that Facebook itself is useful, what do you mean in particular? To look for competitors and see what ads they have running through the corresponding section in their fanpage?

    Thank you for all this content so good and so much.
    A greeting!


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