Case study

Stronger Case Study

Brand Story

Stronger is a Swedish brand selling sportswear products. They’re in business since 2015 and are very well known in Sweden. They contacted us when their Facebook Ads efforts started to stale at around 30k monthly spend, even though they were generating a satisfactory return on ads spend.


They wanted to start scaling the account and start spending 100k on a monthly basis with 3.5 – 4x return on ad spend. Also, they wanted to move away from advertising only in the main European countries and start advertising in USA, Canada, Germany and other countries.

Increase in revenue




Be our client

Long gone are the days when their growth is stale. Every month we are spending over 250k+with 3.5-4x return on ad spend and we are going to include Facebook community building and many other strategies to ensure we scale the account to over 500k spend within the next 6 months.


When we took over the account, we saw they were lacking BuzzFeed videos, which are native to Facebook and tell a story about the brand overall. Their entire funnel was not set-up properly and we couldn’t attribute sales to each part of the funnel.

Stronger was not doing any discounts, offer free shipping or any other offer for the cold audience. The ads were restricted purely to branded ones, hence it was tougher to convince people to click on the ads.


We had an entire funnel set-up. Top of the funnel, middle of the funnel & the bottom of the funnel. We created 2 BuzzFeed style videos to begin with and saw an immediate response from the audience. The ad was showcasing the brand’s values, benefits of the products and the looks of them.

It was super important to test many different types and styles of creatives. We started doing these tests aggresively. All of the tests were done on a separate campaign to ensure that only the best creatives would make it to the “performance” campaigns.

The performance campaigns had a particular structure, which we call CBO 40-40-20. First 40% is small audiences, which provide us stability over the ROAS(up to 5mm audiences), another 40% are middle-sized audiences(up to 20mm), which provide us stability + scale. And the rest of 20% are broad audiences to give us room to scale.

Even though we were asked to penetrate the US market, we found the most success running the ads to European countries, Canada, Australia, and others leaving our US due to high CPMs.

We would only include the USA when we had an amazing product that was selling out fast or a discount offer. We wouldn’t have done it without the help of their creative team, which ensured to have a new photo and video content by having photoshoots every 2months in different locations. Launch, relaunch, and sales campaigns were doing wonders for us. Almost every 1.5 months we would have a launch of a new product, which we would advertise to our warm audience (people engaged with FB & IG, website visitors, those who initiated checkout, etc.). Also, we would restock our bestsellers every few months and have 4 sales during the year. Having these campaigns we ensure we had something new going on, which prompted customers to buy from us.